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Flight Rising, anyone?

Anyone on Flight Rising? It's a pet site for dragons! I'm on there as rae.

Natsume Fanart

I finally finished this bugger.

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Art: Crystal Dragon

Finished a picture~

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Originally posted by r_a_parker at TSP Special: Psychopomp (A Halloween Anthology)


Downloading: Right click or control click and choose “save as” to save a copy to your computer. You can also simply click to read it online. The table of contents is linked to all the stories and art for easy navigation.

Last year, T.Spoon brought thrills and chills with 'MINE', a Halloween anthology. This year, the author of such classics as 'Present' and 'Wanderlust' brings to you more tales of blood and revenge from beyond the grave. Inside these covers lie vengeful ghosts, a death goddess, an alien with a taste for the exotic, secret rooms, and many more.

As always, thank you to all the authors that participated (Cat, Jaolynn, Ritaxis, Wanda, RDHero, Ani, and Voidmancer). And to the artists (Eggage, G, Rae, Dak, and San). Without you guys there'd be no anthology.

Our editors were Ani, Potatoe, G, Z, and Cat. Thank you for your last minute edits. I can't believe you guys managed to have real life and help out so much. And finally, thanks to Parker for arranging and organizing it into a readable format. With an awesome cover to boot too.

Warnings: Lots of violence in this one and a bit of gore... well, in some cases a lot of it. Dubcon warnings abound.
Rating: Mature to Ultra Mature

Tan, i think we need an Eggage tag. Thanks!

Tengu watercolor

I love my portable watercolor set. O:

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Okay, let's just say I'm insane.

If anyone is going to college, or might go back. Let me say this:

For the love of all that is sane, do not go to school full time while working two jobs. ESPECIALLY not if you have obligations like a webcomic updating twice a week. Just don't.

That said, I miss you guys.

Kitsune Watercolor

I really need to do more watercolor.

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Some of our figures!

I decided to take pictures of some of the figures San and I own.

Here's our Natsume Yuujinchou, Rurouni Kenshin, Evangelion, FF7, and Kingdom HeartsCollapse )